A Better Way To Shop & Save.

A Better Way To Live.

What makes our products better?

Better For Your Family

We are on a mission to improve the lives of families through better products and better opportunities. We challenge you to look beyond the daily grind at what you’d like to become. We challenge you to see a better version of yourself. We can help you achieve that vision and reclaim more time for your family.

Better For The Environment

From the beginning, we have made environmental wellness an important part of our culture. Whether it's choosing cleaning products that don't pollute our streams or nutritional products with reduced environmental waste, we're committed to making eco-conscious decisions because after all, we live here too.

Better For Your Wallet

We leverage true residual income and provide you with the resources to achieve your financial goals regardless of the stage of life you are in. Start your path here and you’ll have the tools to navigate to the life you deserve. Learn more about our wellness products and financial opportunities today!

Our Mission

We are families dedicated to helping others achieve total wellness by putting their families first and creating better, safer, and healthier lives. We envision total family wellness through financial security, time freedom, and healthier homes. We have chosen healthier lifestyles, time with our families, and financial peace of mind. We are dedicated to helping others choose the same for their families.

We are families who said YES to:

  • Healthier Lifestyles
  • Preventative Health Care
  • Safer & Effective Household Products
  • Being Home With Your Children
  • Family Vacations
  • Field Trips, Concerts, & Ball Games
  • Financial Security
  • Fully Funded College Educations
  • Solid Retirement

We are families who said NO to:

  • High Medical Expenses
  • Household Toxins
  • Lack of Energy
  • High pressure
  • Rigid Schedules & Long Hours
  • Job Insecurity
  • Excessive Stress at Home & Work
  • High Credit Card Debt
  • Empty Savings Accounts

Above all, we put your family first.

Family Wellness

Financial Wellness

Are you currently in debt?

Do you find that you are working hard to just make ends meet?

Have you saved enough money for a comfortable retirement?

Have you ever wanted to spend time traveling?

Personal/Family Wellness:

When was the last time you took a real family vacation or a weekend away with a friend? How about volunteering at school or seeing every single piano recital or ballet performance? Why don’t you surprise your family with a cruise to Alaska this year? For some of us, just taking time for ourselves is a long forgotten indulgence.

Whatever you are into and whoever is important to you in your life, those are the times you’ll cherish and we want to help provide you the time freedom to pursue those important goals.

Our family has a proven plan for success. We work for ourselves but not by ourselves.

Work From Home

Why work from home?

More Time
For Family

Monthly Income

No Daily
Traffic Commute

True Financial

Be Your
Own Boss

How we can help

Your Family First is a team geared toward making a significant difference in your family's physical, financial and environmental wellness.

We are families searching for true freedom! Freedom to enjoy life the way we want to without worrying about the future. We all share a common belief that a healthier and wealthier lifestyle will be ours. And we have realized that we will not attain that lifestyle working for someone else.

Our family has said:

We are not distributors or salespeople. We do not inventory or sell products, chase after people for money, or make large investments to get started.

  • No Big Investment
  • No Selling
  • No Product Inventories
  • No Employees
  • No Order Taking
  • No Deliveries To Make
  • No Stress
  • No Complicated Paperwork
  • No Book Keeping
  • No Multi Level Marketing
  • No Traditional Business Overhead
  • No Risk

Family First Values and Beliefs:

Every member of Family First must have the opportunity to fulfill their goals and dreams, and have the ability to work toward them part-time or full-time. The financial and recognition rewards must be limitless, compelling and achievable within our framework of Family First values.

The Family First leadership team must have the integrity, experience and success to mentor, coach and inspire every member to achieve their goals at their own pace.

The Family First business system provided to every member must be simple to learn and use, be proven, Internet-based, and flexible to accommodate the diverse skills and needs of our members.

Family First's manufacturing and sales partner must have a solid and experienced management team; provide exceptional and unique environmentally sensitive products for the home, as well as personal health and wellness, AND deliver them below retail cost to regular customers.

Above all, we put your family first.

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About Me

About Me

My name is Leland Goldston and I created OwnYourHealthyLife.com.  Own Your Healthy Life is about helping people understand healthy choices for a healthy life and a healthy surrounding environment.  You take ownership where you work, direction taken in your life, where you live, who you love, etc.  Why not your health and why not your surrounding environment?  So, own it.

I was raised in the south with all the typical southern "hospitality".  Fried chicken, fried okra, fried tomatoes...  Clean your plate (heaping full).  Macaroni & Cheese, Bacon or Sausage and eggs with toast dripping in butter, pecan pie made from Karo®syrup.  I think you get the picture.  AND, there is nothing wrong with eating this way as long as you accept what you are doing.  There also our surrounding environment which we just pick whichever product is cheaper or appears to be safer, healthier and more natural.

I have taken on the mantra of helping people realize there are better, safer, healthier and more natural ways for life.

For me personally, I didn't realize until my middle to late 40's, there where better ways and benefits to a healthy life.  I slowly and begrudgingly made a few changes.  Without warning, about 10 years ago, I collapsed due to dehydration.  My doctor soon discovered a handful of "problems" which needed to be corrected.  They wanted to correct with medication.  I have always believed in curing naturally if at all possible.  I made changes to diet, exercised and continued to monitor.  When something appears "out of whack", I research and discuss with my doctor.  Then, I make a change.

For example, I recently started with a new chiropractor who takes a totally different approach to re-aligning the body, not just the skeleton.  After a recent visit, they asked me if I was experiencing trouble or pain in either of my index finger knuckles.  They showed an arthritic indication.  I said no and asked if there was a supplement to assist or prevent.  Their response was basically nothing except eliminating all animal protein.  As a result, I am converting to as close to 100% vegan as possible.  Again, I discussed this with my doctor.  They suggested adding nutritional yeast to my meals to supplement for B-12, a nutrient missing or insufficient in the typical vegan diet.

Again, when something appears "out of whack", I research and discuss with my doctor.

I am not a certified nutritionist or trainer.  I do have people who are in my life to help me live healthier, safer and more natural which have the needed expertise.  And, I do have life experiences which have shown me a better and healthier path. The path is continually changing.

I look forward to helping people understand the different choices in creating a healthier, safer and more natural life.

Take action NOW!!

Call or message to start your journey…..“Transform To A Healthy Life”!!

Leland Goldston

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